What started as a casual conversation led to years of research and design.   The love of faith, family, friends, world travel and entertaining inspired us to construct a place where magnificent memories can be made. Early on a strategic decision was made not to be a "me too" venue.  We wanted something exquisite and distinctive.

Four core principles were established: 

  1. Craft uniqueness and character.

  2. Never skimp on service.

  3. Maintain flexible hospitality.

  4. Build and protect a brand of excellence.


COMMITTED TO Distinction

Meet the Banner Family. Brian and Becky Banner come from many years in the technology and real estate industry. They have created Knotting Hill Place with the desire to build a beautiful and timeless venue where their clientele can celebrate life’s special moments.



"We aspire to create an unforgettable experience by providing unparalleled service in an atmosphere of luxury and refinement."



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